Apprentice Program Details.

Monthly Fee $250.00

Class is 1 PM PST every Sunday

2 phone calls a week to go over your home work and focus on your personal training areas.  During this time we work on putting the class skills to work in your life.  These calls last 30 min to an hour depending on how much help you need.  We hold classes on the internet using a program called Skype.  Its free and works well for our weekly gatherings. If your close by in Seattle or LA, meeting in person is always your option.

What I teach you is real. There are side effects from the training. Your self esteem will grow. Friends, Family and lovers that don’t treat you well will fall away.  They will want the old less confident version of you and not like the new empowered you, as they can’t treat you badly anymore.  This confidence will change every relationship you have, some for the better and others will end.  Walking with power, knowing the spirits are there to help you is a very magical thing.  Knowing that Angels, Fairies, spirits are real changes every thing.

I ask a commitment to finishing your training after you have completed 3 months of the apprentice program.  Your commitment and my acceptance of your commitment is symbolized by a gift of Australian blue Opals. The colors the opals have represents healing and spiritual power.  They are blessed to help you on you journey.

If you want to grow in your spiritual power then the apprentice program is for you.  Some people dream about meeting my spirit, some hear my name on the wind, some are called to look at my websites and feel drawn by to the training.  However you come to it, think about the changes that will come out of being part of this magical training.  Try it out and see if its for you. Send me an email at include a phone number and we can talk about the Apprentice Program.

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